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Cultural Clinical Psychology of Trauma Sequelae

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News and Updates

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Conference for UZH Students: Growing up in Science - Supporting the Capabilities and Careers of UZH Junior Researchers in Psychology 
8.2. - 11.2. Rämistrasse 71, 8006 Zürich


Invitation: PostDocs, PhD, Master & Bachelor students

Present your research!


Attendance is Free! (registration required)

Registration/abstract  submission deadline: 14.02.2022 

For more information and to register and submit your abstract please visit our conference page:

Update: CCP-YRN Meeting

We have exciting news!


The CCP-YRN met for the first time with its new team members via Zoom on April 29th to discuss future directions for the Network.


Topics discussed included upcoming Newsletters, potential ConferencesWorkshops, and a new Website.

So stay tuned for upcoming developments! 

Update: Emerging Opportunities and Innovations:
CCP-YRN Workshop 2019

Thank you for coming!


Thank you to the students and experts who joined our launch workshop.  We were pleased to announce the establishment of key working groups in the following areas:

  • Research coordination (research exchange and feedback between members on various topics, online presence of members, mailing lists, etc.

  • Shared cultural-clinical psychology database and tools (development of online platform to facilitate exchange and networking of members (and new members), research updates and publications, methodological tools, online discussion groups, newsletter etc.) 

  • Interdisciplinary training program (peer-based support, feedback, and exchange, showcase our research projects, focus on junior researchers, interaction between research and practice, integration of cultural-clinical psychology into teaching and learning programs)

  • Dissemination and public awareness (raise awareness of: cultural-clinical psychology, our network, topics and content, and events – through mailing list, social media presence (set-up of these), member-affiliation with logo in presentations/talks, etc.) 

Emerging Opportunities and Innovations: CCP-YRN Workshop 2019

The Cultural Clinical Psychology-Young Reasearchers Network (CCP-YRN) will hold a two day workshop on cultural clinical psychology at the University of Zurich on March 4-5th, 2019 (Rämistrasse 71, 8006 Zürich, KOL-E-13).

Preliminary Schedule:

  • Key note speakers from well-known international experts

  • Plenary sessions for students to showcase their work and build collaborations, methods workshops led by leading experts in the field

  • Poster sessions for new young researchers to develop their research ideas and network


The aim of this workshop is to strengthen the capacity of junior researchers, promote academic networking, and support the research activities and career of junior researchers.

Funding by the UZH Graduate Campus via a GRC Grant is gratefully acknowledged. UZH graduate students can obtain 1 ECTS credit for conference attendance and panel/poster presentation.

If you wish to attend or have any questions, please feel free to contact us via the link below.

Launch of Cultural Clinical Psychology Young Researchers Network  at the Swiss Psychological Society in Bern

The launch was a success with new members joining the CCP-YRN from across Switzerland.

Launguage, Culture, and Trauma among Populations on the move: Junior Researchers Workshop 2018

In developing this workshop we have focused on providing a creative and open space for junior researchers to work together and build on our shared knowledge and resources.


Release: Newsletter Autumn 2020

We are very pleased to announce the release of our Newsletter Autumn 2020. Thank you for all of your interesting submissions to our newsletter. The newsletter can be found above on the newsletter page.

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Contributions: Newsletter Autumn 2020

We are looking for contributions to our upcoming newsletter. We would like to hear from as many members as possible!

Please send us your news by November 13th.

Release: Newsletter Autumn 2019

Thank you for all of your interesting submissions to our  Autumn 2019 newsletter. The newsletter can be found above on the newsletter page.

We welcome comments and suggestions concerning topics covered in the newsletter.

We will inform you when submissions for the next newsletter are ready.

Studies/Study Updates

New Study: Effects of a short relaxation exercise on stress and well-being

This study is being conducted under the direction of Study Leads Dr. Shauna L. Rohner and David Eberle, M.Sc. It aims to investigate whether short online relaxation tasks can influence the perception of stress and well-being. Two relaxation tasks are examined: Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) and Mindful Breathing. Both relaxation tasks are completed online, using guided audio instructions. While research has explored the use of such relaxation tasks for health and well-being, studies tend to focus on in-person, prolonged implementation of the tasks. There is a lack of research on the potential of ultra-brief, guided, online relaxation exercises for stress and well-being outcomes. In 2020, an initial trial study was conducted with a (university) student sample, with promising results for various health, stress, and well-being indicators. In 2021, a second study was commenced, examining both relaxation tasks on a larger scale, incorporating adults of all ages and educational backgrounds. This second study is nearing the completion of its data collection stage, with analyses planned for the coming months!

Study Recruitment

Study Recruitment: The Voice of Caregivers 

“The voice of caregivers” is part of the National Research Program 76 (NRP 76) “Coercion and Welfare”, conducted under the direction of Study Lead Dr. Shauna L. Rohner and Principal Investigators PD Dr. Myriam V. Thoma and Prof. Dr. Dr. Andreas Maercker. The aim of the study is to give a voice to caregivers of individuals that were affected by compulsory social measures and placements in Switzerland from 1950 to 1981.


Über die Studie

Ziel der Studie "Die Stimme der Betreuenden: Fürsorge in der Schweiz vor 1981" ist es, Personen eine Stimme zu geben, die bis 1981 in der Betreuung von Kindern/ Jugendlichen tätig waren, welche von sozialen Zwangsmassnahmen und Fremdplatzierung betroffen waren. Es soll untersucht werden, welche Faktoren aus Perspektive der damaligen Betreuenden mit der psychischen Widerstandskraft (Resilienz) bzw. Verletzlichkeit der damaligen Pflegekinder zusammenhängen.

Ziel des Projekt ist es den damaligen Betreuenden eine Stimme zu geben und mehr über ihre Erfahrungen im Bereitstellen eines pflegerischen Umfeldes zu erfahren. Studienflyer

Falls Sie sich angesprochen fühlen, würden wir Sie gerne zum Interview einladen!


Kontakt: caregivers_study@psychologie.uzh.zh

Telefon: +41 (0) 44 635 73 11 (wochentags von 09:00 - 17:00 Uhr)


Projektmitarbeitende: Elena Mayorova, M.Sc., Lisa Schiesser, B.Sc., Jana Maira Studer, B.Sc.

Study Recruitment: Relaxation Study

Dear Students,

We invite you to take part in our study "Auswirkungen von kurzen Entspannungsübungen auf Stress und Wohlbefinden". 


It is an online study, in German, lasting approx. 30 minutes, involving a brief relaxation exercise and questionnaires on health and well-being.


If you complete the online study you have the chance to win a 20 CHF Migros voucher and you can also collect 0.5 Versuchspersonenstunden. 

Liebe Studierende


Wir laden Euch herzlichen ein, bei unserer Studie "Auswirkungen von kurzen Entspannungsübungen auf Stress und Wohlbefinden" teilzunehmen. 


Es handelt sich um eine online-Studie, welche ungefähr 30 Minuten dauert. Es werden eine kurze Entspannungsübung durchgeführt und einige Fragen zum Thema Stress und Wohlbefinden gestellt.


Für die Teilnahme an der Studie könnt Ihr 0.5 Versuchspersonenstunden erwerben sowie einen von drei Migrosgutscheinen im Wert von 20 Franken gewinnen. Studienflyer

Um mitzumachen: https://ww3.unipark.de/uc/Expra20/ 


Shauna Rohner: shauna.rohner@uzh.ch

David Eberle: d.eberle@psychologie.uzh.ch