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Conference 2022

Growing up in Science - Supporting the Capabilities and Careers of UZH Junior Researchers in Psychology 

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Date: 8th (online) & 9-11th March 2022

Location: University of Zürich, Main Building, Rämistrasse 71, 8006 Zürich

Rooms: KO2-F-152 and KO2-G-275

Who can participate: UZH junior researchers with an interest in cultural and clinical psychology. This includes postdocs, PhD, master, and bachelor students.

How to get there: Click here for directions

Aims of the Conference

Aims of the Conference:


Organised by members of the CCP-YRN this interactive conference aims to build on the founding goals of the network:

1. Connect: Bring together junior researchers with an interest in the area of cultural clinical and clinical psychology, particularly focusing on promoting academic interactions, interdisciplinary exchange, and networking for junior researchers.

2. Share: Build connections for collaborations, as well as knowledge and resource sharing, which helps to strengthen the capacity of junior researchers.

3. Inspire: Develop a supportive community of young researchers to foster creative and innovative research ideas, and support the academic careers and research activities of junior researchers. 


This conference aims to facilitate a more in-depth understanding of cultural clinical psychology topics, provide insight into academic and clinical experiences in cultural clinical psychology, facilitate knowledge exchange between junior and senior researchers in psychology, and provide hands-on-training in relevant research areas. More specifically:

  • Facilitate learning on key topics in cultural and clinical psychology through expert-led talks and interactive workshops

  • Promote the capabilities and careers of junior researchers by enhancing relevant methodological and technical skills - including workshops on qualitative and quantitative methods and analysis, academic writing (e.g. thesis, manuscript, grant writing); tailored to the needs and research stages of the registered attendees.

  • Gain a better understanding of the various career pathways and options in research, academia, and practice in cultural and clinical psychology through panel discussions and small-group sessions with a variety of experts in these areas.

  • Receive peer and expert feedback on own research through poster sessions in which junior researchers have the opportunity to present and discuss their projects in detail, receive multiple perspectives and feedback, and gain presentation experience.

  • Acknowledge and address the stresses of junior researchers through open discussions with peers on the various stresses encountered in research and academia by junior researchers, an interactive workshop on stress and accessible support options, and active participation in mindfulness sessions.

  • Integration of junior researchers into the research network of the CCP-YRN - to foster academic collaboration and knowledge exchange on cultural and clinical research topics, varied methodologies, as well as practical peer-led help and advice. 

Registration & Abstract Submission - NOW CLOSED!

If you would like to attend the conference (without a poster presentation), we do have some attend-only places remaining. Please contact us directly at

Junior researchers who wish to attend this conference can submit an abstract of their research topic for consideration in the poster sessions. Contributions can deal with a variety of topics within the field of cultural and clinical psychology, and can include completed, ongoing, or even future planned research.


The deadline for abstract submission for poster presentations has been extended to Monday February 21st (09:00). Feedback on the acceptance of abstracts will be given on the 22nd of February.


The contributions should be submitted in English. Submission should be a max. of 250 words. We recommend the following structure: Background, Methods, Results/Preliminary Findings (if appropriate), and Conclusion. However, unstructured, or more general submissions are also welcome and can include a range of options, such as past research, thesis topics, future planned studies, or even discussion topics of interest relevant in the field of cultural clinical psychology.


After submitting your abstract, you will receive a submission confirmation email. Please also check your spam folder. If you have any questions about the abstract submission, you can contact us at the following email and a member of the conference organizing team will be in touch as soon as possible:

Thanks for submitting!

Registration/Abstract Submissio
Organizing Committee

Conference Organizing Committee

Dr. Shauna Rohner

MSc. Christine Dworschak

MSc. David Eberle

MSc. Sandra Rossi

MSc. Anaïs Aeschlimann

BSc. Melanie Fink

BSc. Julia Overlack

BSc. Berit Barthelmes

Thomas Walker 

Maya Deniz Yilmaz

Keegan Evangelista 


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