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CCP-YRN Workshop March 2019: Emerging Opportunities and Innovations

Thank you to the students and experts who joined our launch workshop.  We were pleased to announce the establishment of key working groups in the following areas:

  • 1. Research coordination (research exchange and feedback between members on various topics, online presence of members, mailing lists, etc.)

  • 2. Shared cultural-clinical psychology database and tools (development of online platform to facilitate exchange and networking of members (and new members), research updates and publications, methodological tools, online discussion groups, newsletter etc.) 

  • 3. Interdisciplinary training program (peer-based support, feedback, and exchange, showcase our research projects, focus on junior researchers, interaction between research and practice, integration of cultural-clinical psychology into teaching and learning programs)

  • 4. Dissemination and public awareness (raise awareness of: cultural-clinical psychology, our network, topics and content, and events – through mailing list, social media presence (set-up of these), member-affiliation with logo in presentations/talks, etc.)


 CCP-YRN Workshop March 4-5th 2019


The Cultural Clinical Psychology–Young Researchers Network (CCP-YRN) will hold a two-day workshop on cultural clinical psychology at the University of Zurich on March 4-5th, 2019 (Rämistrasse 71, 8006 Zürich, KOL-E-13). The aim of this workshop is to strengthen the capacity of junior researchers, promote academic networking, and support the research activities and careers of junior researchers.

Funding by the UZH Graduate Campus via a GRC Grant is gratefully acknowledged. UZH graduate students can obtain 1 ECTS credit for conference attendance and panel/poster presentation.

Please contact us with if you have any questions using the link below.

Preliminary schedule

UZH will host a two day workshop with:

  • key note speakers from well-known international experts,

  • plenary sessions for students to showcase their work and build collaborations, methods workshops led by leading experts in the field,

  • poster sessions for new young researchers to develop their research ideas and network

Learn more about the planned program by clicking below.

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