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A new wave of research is changing the field of psychology. Culture is increasingly found to shape and define the presentation, understanding, and treatment of mental health disorders. From symptoms of depression to the treatment of psychosis, every culture has a different experience of suffering. Recent innovatice research has developed new methods and theories to better understand and treat mental distress in different cultural contexts. Recently, researchers from global mental health, transcultural psychiatry, post-conflict mental health, and cultural clinical psychology have developed parallel yet divergent research programes and initiatives. However, despite the growing research attention in this area, there is a lack of collaborative efforts and knowledge sharing, which is essential in the area of cultural clinical pschology.

Young researchers in Europe are at the frontline of this new research field and with this Network, for the first time they will have the opportunity to engage with each other to share current knowledge and research methods; as well as to build new collaborative relationships and to develop novel research initiatives across the world.




CCP-YRN Workshop: Emerging Opportunities and Innovations

March 4-5th 2019


Photo by CCP-YRN

We hosted the first Cultural Clinical Psychology–Young Researchers Network (CCP-YRN) launch meeting. This was a  two-day workshop on cultural clinical psychology at the University of Zurich. The aim of this workshop was to strengthen the capacity of junior researchers, promote academic networking, and support the research activities and careers of junior researchers.



Photo by CCP-YRN

Activities included, amongst others, 

  •  workshops held by international experts,

  • Junior researcher plenary sessions,

  • Knowledge-development workshops,

  • Junior researcher poster session, &

  • Expert panel.

Thank you to the students and experts who joined our launch workshop.  We were pleased to announce the establishment of key working groups in the following areas:

  • Research coordination (research exchange and feedback between members on various topics, online presence of members, mailing lists, etc.)

  • Shared cultural-clinical psychology database and tools (development of online platform to facilitate exchange and networking of members (and new members), research updates and publications, methodological tools, online discussion groups, newsletter etc.) 

  • Interdisciplinary training program (peer-based support, feedback, and exchange, showcase our research projects, focus on junior researchers, interaction between research and practice, integration of cultural-clinical psychology into teaching and learning programs)

  • Dissemination and public awareness (raise awareness of: cultural-clinical psychology, our network, topics and content, and events – through mailing list, social media presence (set-up of these), member-affiliation with logo in presentations/talks, etc.)

The Cultural Clinical Psychology Young Researchers Network at the Swiss Psychological Society Bern, 2019

January 2019


Photo by CCP-YRN

Our Cultural Clinical Psychology Young Researchers Network was launched in September at the Swiss Psychological Society conference in Bern. This included presentations from four members of our network  on their research within the field of cultural clinical psychology and was followed by interesting and lively discussions! The launch was a success with new members joining the CCP-YRN from across Switzerland!


Photo by CCP-YRN


Language, culture and trauma among populations on-the-move Junior Researchers Workshop Neuchâtel

June 11th 2018

In developing this workshop we have focused on providing a creative and open space for junior researchers to work together and build on our shared knowledge and resources:


1. Share: To discuss our research topics & methods and share tips for data collection, analysis and write up

2. Connect: To build connections for collaborations, knowledge and resource sharing

3. Inspire: To develop a supportive community of young researchers to foster creative and innovative research ideas

Organising Committee: Prof. Laure Kloetzer, Dr. Gail Womersley, Dr. Clare Killikelly, Karin Rechsteiner, Shauna Mc Gee


Photo by CCP-YRN

Workshop Neuchâtel
Launch Bern
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