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Cultural Clinical Psychology Young Researchers Network

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Image by CCP-YRN

About us

Cultural-Clinical Psychology exists at the intersection of two academic traditions: cultural psychology and clinical psychology. This field represents the ongoing evolution of a decades-long effort by psychologists to understand the ways in which culture shapes mental and physical health and well-being.*


The Cultural Clinical Psychology Young Researchers Network aims to explore possible future directions of research at the intersection of cultural and clinical psychology, and to open a space for dialogue between young researchers in Europe, both clinical psychologists working in the field as well as academics from outside Europe with a range of theoretical backgrounds.

The field of cultural clinical psychology is at the intersection of various disciplines examining health-related outcomes from a cultural perspective, and thus is of relevance to different working groups. We therefore encourage researchers from any related discipline, such as Social and Cultural Anthropology Medicine, Popular Cultural Studies, Sociology, or Cultural Studies, to join the CCP-YRN and attend our workshops.



Bring together psychological researchers with a substantial interest in this area, especially promoting interdisciplinary work


Build connections for collaborations knowledge and ressource sharing (e.g., promote methodological skills)


Develop a supportive community of young researchers to foster creative and innovative research ideas

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